My Love Letter To The Digital Dog


Dear Dogmeat,

Without hesitation I took you through ruined buildings, deep lakes, ghoul infested caves and vaults forgotten by time because there is no one i’d rather have by my side. I spent days and nights retracing our steps to find you because I know you’d do the same for me. I scorned those who has a story to tell because theres nothing you can’t tell me with a wag of your tail.

I showed you a world in ruin and wondered in what colours you saw it.  To me it was every shade of grey. To you, a whole spectrum. Reds of passionate love, the whites of innocent eyes and the blues of a sky that could barely contain us. Through the scum you stayed by my side. That is love, unconditional.

I imagined a life you once had. A caring family and a tragic loss.  The world may have lost it’s love, Dogmeat, but you were always great at finding the things others had lost.

Thank you.


Dear Sif,

I met you, afraid and alone. I didn’t save you, I simply set you free. Artorias was gone, there was nothing left of him. With you, a part of him lives on, a part gifted through sacrifice, heavy with grief.

I knew I’d find you here, I knew you’d have no choice but to try and kill me, but as I watched you slowly realise that the man before you was your saviour, I saw loyal ferocity turn to regretful acceptance.

To die at the hand of your saviour, seems a cruel ending to a cruel life. Perhaps in me you saw a chance at redemption. You lost one to the dark, but that would be the last. You’d die trying to save me from a fate I was yet to discover.

I knew this was my doing, I knew A homeward bone couldn’t help me escape this. No. This grief you feel, this guilt, it would stay with me. I might not find peace in death, but you, you might.

So, it falls to me, the one with power over life, time and death, to write my greatest wrong.

To the boss I never wanted to fight, I can only apologise.

You didn’t deserve this.


Dear Angelo,

I always wanted a dog when I was young. At a time when I had trouble building bonds, I saw yours and Rinoa’s as unbreakable, as true to life. It’s hard to put into words what you meant to me at that age, because it all went so fast.

Age 11, I met you, and at such a formative age, I couldn’t have asked for a better model for loyalty and friendship. If it was Rinoa’s story, it was yours too and my heart bled when you cried in her absence and for me, The Ragnarok lacked character in your absence. Your devotion to Rinoa astonished me, and only now, age 21, can I even start to understand why.

Your compassion was your strongest trait. It was only matched by your aptitude, enough tricks to start a party, enough limit breaks to end the threat. Ultimecia never stood a chance.

We grew up together, Sant’ Angelo di Roma and how many dogs can say they’ve been to the future?

Well, Angelo, you’ve been twice, the second time, you stayed with me.

Dear Alfie, my Angelo,

Don’t you ever change.


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