The X-Files Season 11 Trailer: A J.D. Reaction

Copyright: Robert Falconer/Fox

It was all too much. My body produced an overcharge of geek endorphins and to avoid betraying my cool exterior, I simply looked away and composed myself. That was just the first ten seconds.

The trailer for the next X-Files season was released during the cast and crew panel at last weeks New York Comic Con.

Despite my more critical reservations of the last outing, I’m grateful for these Event seasons. The trailers look as big, bold and confident as the movie franchise we should have been treated to a decade ago. With explosions, shoot outs and a whole lot of running, this is more like the action packed Fight the Future than the drab and misjudged I Want to Believe.

The last season divided opinion to say the least. Certainly you only have to read my more ‘critical’ reviews to show it. However with 10 episodes and a more clear sense of direction, the series has plenty to go forward with.

There’s plenty for us X-Philes to fawn and theorises before questions are definitely answered in January (*cough*).

Here are my observations and theories…

  • “Mulder I’ve seen how it begins.” How is begins? You mean the UFO floating over Scully and cutting to credits without even a generous ‘To be Continued’ may have been a dream? Was it planned? Or does Carter know he messed up? Definitely the latter. But I suppose it could work. We all know how dreams are. They jump from one scene to another with poor dialogue and plot holes. Oh yeah it makes sense now and why Scully’s in a hospital bed and Mulder looks fine (having been hanging to hell in My Struggle II.) Considering she’s one of the chosen elite this concept of a premonition does work. I’m sure the fans (trolls) will have plenty to say on Twitter.


  • Of course, hospital drama, it’s not a mythology episode without some form of scrap in A&E. Scully’s strangled, Mulder and Skinner at loggerheads. This will definitely be over his ‘deal’ with Smoking Man, which will undoubtedly question their trust.


  • And obviously! They can’t trust Skinner. It’s a mythology episode! Their bald headed (and now bearded) boss was criminally underused last season. While he seems to have more to do in Season 11, (apparently one of the stand-alone episodes will centre around his backstory) do we really need Mulder and Scully to question his trust again! Come on guys! Or should I say, Come on Carter! “How did we get here?” Exactly Skinner. Exactly.


  • Speaking of old Smokey, why does he look so real? Last year his face had the look of a face lift that screams lawsuit to the aliens! And it’s already been confirmed that his origins will be explored. The Alex Krycheck doppelganger at the end of the trailer is definitely him. An origin story that actually tells us the truth would be great. I just hope it’s not a cop out hearsay. It was an out there concept that worked well in Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man. But its brilliance has already run its course. Like the show. (Said by no one. Ever.)


  • William. Finally, they actually look for him, but please actually cast a young kid to play him and not make him a plot device in order for Scully to cry. Of course the brilliant reunion scene will make us all blubber. I’ll believe when I see it.

It looks even better than last time. But I worry about the mythology/stand-alone balance. If the Apocalypse really is coming, can we really care about a random nobody’s murder in a middle of nowhere town? We’ll have to see. On the plus side, without having to reacquaint the characters with the audience, we can hopefully expect a less exposition drowning opening episode.

I’m excited. Even for the stand alone episodes I don’t want. In January I’ll be admitted to A&E with an unhealthy level of geektosterone.



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