What’s Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Answer: The Fans


Spoilers ahead. No seriously don’t read on if you’d rather be surprised. Or unless you actually listen to the rabid fan base who say it’s shit. The critics are right for once. Shockingly!

Oh wait, wasn’t that paragraph meant to be a simple disclaimer? Sorry.

Ahem. Major Spoilers Ahead.

Now let’s jump onto something more coherent.

Luke dies. So does Snoke. Yoda makes a cameo (as a ghost). Rey may be turning to the dark side. Luke dies. Kylo Ren isn’t your typical villain (he’s complex af).

All this happens in one film. In two and a half hours my attention never wandered to how easily Star Wars lends itself to an XXX parody.

Unlike The Force Awakens which occasionally felt like dusting an old lightsaber, (unoriginal metaphor I know) The Last Jedi is by no means Empire Strikes Back 2.0. The only similarity is that they’re darker and better than their respective predecessors.

Critics agree, having metaphorically wanked over the film’s complex themes and have called it the best since Empire Strikes Back. Now this may come as a surprise to anyone who knows nothing about hard to please fan bases, but some fans don’t like The Last Jedi.

If fans were the ones who opinions mattered more than critics (which I do advocate) then DVD/Blu Ray case would have “A terrible movie that absolutely ruins 30 years of cinema” slap bang in the middle.

Woah, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. The film is a complex, well performed action spectacular, as per any Star Wars movie that aren’t the Prequel Trilogy.

So why do fans hate it?

Well, it turns out Rey’s parents aren’t anyone important (Which apparently is the only ingredient to making a character interesting). Snoke’s dead. (A shock? Yes. The only villain left? No!) And apparently Luke’s too much of a wimp. (Because of course, film heroes have always got to be one dimensional, without vice, imperfections or complexities of any kind).

So fans criticised Force Awakens for being too similar to the original. Now they’re against a film that’s bold, fresh and complex. This maybe poor journalism but I must use an emoji to sum up my opinion: 🙄

Fans criticise nostalgia but it’s clear that any innovation is not something that would be welcomed. Perhaps that’s why some hated Twin Peaks: The Return. But then some hate the new X-Files for being too much like the original.

Again on all counts, 🙄

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in cinemas now. See it. Don’t listen to the so-called “fans.”


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