My Love Letter To The Digital Dog

  Dear Dogmeat, Without hesitation I took you through ruined buildings, deep lakes, ghoul infested caves and vaults forgotten by time because there is no one i’d rather have by my side. I spent days and nights retracing our steps to find you because I know you’d do the same for me. I scorned those who has… Continue reading My Love Letter To The Digital Dog


Video Games and Violence – The History, Part 1.

So I’ve got myself some hyper realistic graphics. Gore turned up to 11. Believable and interesting characters complete with a narrative that keeps you sat down for days. I’ve got realistic gun play, accurate sword-art, and a heap load of violence. I’ve gotta be getting close to being a killing machine, right? Video Games and… Continue reading Video Games and Violence – The History, Part 1.

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Episode 3 of the Podcast

I think I mentioned in our about us section that the Writers Block was also a podcast. Well, it was actually a Radio Show before it was a podcast. I thought I’d start sharing each upload of ours. This episode, episode 3, features some slightly outdated entertainment news, some rubbish banter and our favourite romantic… Continue reading Episode 3 of the Podcast


Darkest Dungeon: Building Character.

Character In Games The Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds featured a very important study titled; In control or in their shoes? How character attachment differentially influences video game enjoyment and appreciation.  In it, the ‘Create-a-Character’ (Avatar ) was compared with ‘Role Play'(Perspective) in regards to play experience and the below conclusion was made: Avatar as… Continue reading Darkest Dungeon: Building Character.